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This fiction post site has not been created by a team of web design professionals.  I wrote most of the fiction here and I completely do the website totally on my own too.  I suppose that means you can blame me for anything that’s not done quite right but it also tells you there are no intermediary steps between you and the author.  I will see any comment you make here before my agent, my publicist, my editor or any other member of my fictional entourage.

This RussellTwyce website has been online since about 2006 but the archives only go back to about 2010 because I updated the older and trimmed out the lesser.  I published my work here and it was free to read but I didn’t publish all my work here – it was scattered all over the web.  I’ve since decided that wasn’t fair for either me or you.  Now site members can read more – while I also have the available time to write more.


Access to all areas of this site is for members.  The cost to join is $19.95 and the recurring charge is $9.95 per month and this is administered through ClickBank.

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Comments from readers and members are far more important than critics.

This fiction site is wide open for your participation.  You can comment, make suggestions, interact with the author or even contribute you own writing for me to post.

Your book was more than just enjoyment, it grabbed my attention and stretched my own thought processes.”…Brenda A.

A splendid tale with rich, colourful characters, detailed locales, wry humour & an ending to die, or maybe kill for? An instant classic in my opinion.…Michael R.

I love the chivalrous assassin character and cheered on all of his hits.  I’m your biggest fan.…Suzanne T.

What you’ll find inside the members area is a wealth of reading that is simply not to be found anywhere else.  There are two complete novels that were sold online for a while but which are since, unavailable.  There are many shorter reads and some very special prose that targets the primary reason you read in the first place.  (More on that inside.)

Readers should remember that everything on this website is fiction.  Even the posts in the ‘editorial posts’ category cannot be taken as utterly factual because even if wrote the post, it may or may not represent my true opinion.  I’m a fiction author and everything I acquire the rights to post by another writer are also fiction. Some stories here may seem to be real, could read as if they were real and maybe they might even be based on real events but they should still be viewed as fiction. If you really think about it though, even a supposedly real news story in a mainstream newspaper is also just fiction because facts, if accurate, are interpreted through the reporter’s imagination.

Some Reasons For Joining

Confession Section.  I’m sure you’ve seen those confession or secrets sites around the web.  I have a secret for you – most of the posts on a confession website are just fiction.  I know this to be true because I’ve often been contracted to write some.  I actually quite enjoy writing this sort of fiction because it let’s my imagination run wild.  I’ve written these ‘secret confessions’ for other secret sites but I’ve never sold the exclusive rights to them.  And some I’ve written exclusively to post here.  Enjoy these confessions for the humor, the shock value or just for the reading enjoyment and be comforted in knowing that they are fiction.

Human 2.0 Section.  I’m extremely optimistic about the future of our civilization.  We have many problems but most would be relatively easy to solve with the right point of view.  Some of the supposed ‘truths’ that we’ve allowed our society to be based on are not actually true in the slightest.  The human 2.0 section has stories and posts that are meant to enlighten people on some of the different paths we could, and probably should be taking to go forward as a sentient species.

Relaxation Section.  I’m likely to be renaming this to Stress Reduction soon.  One major problem in our modern world is that people don’t know how to get rid of stress anymore.  One might try relaxing on the sofa in front of the television but TV isn’t a relaxation, it is a stress generator.  In ages passed, a storyteller would weave a tale for people and that simple act of mental imagery reduced stress like nothing else can.  The relaxation section is for my fiction that best invokes the type of mental imagery that reduces stress levels.  Some of these are stand alone stories and some are selected readings from my larger works.


More Reader Comments

Ian C - The story line and the characters compelled me to keep reading each evening.  I had trouble putting it down.

Carole P – It is obvious to me that the author has to be quite brilliant to come up with such dialogue and twists in the plot.

Nancy Z – I really liked a few things outside of the main story line, such as how you incorporated your life, or I should say loss of life into the main character’s experiences.  I also enjoyed reading about the areas of northern Canada.

Larissa R – By the end, I was in love with your style of writing.  It’s typical, but at the same time not.  The message you give is something special.

Jim C – I enjoyed Shiva’s Messenger.  Are you going to continue with this character and his story, as a series?

Jim R  – I enjoyed the story and I like the character.  The places and the atmosphere you relate well.  I have images of the strip clubs, the bear and the view from the rooftop…  I was, indeed, engrossed – a fun read.

Xen K – A great piece and I can’t wait to read the others.  The plot is amazingly creative and it’s so easy to get into the world of the characters.  I thank you for sharing your imagination and creativity with us.

Andrea N – It was fast paced and exciting and I was intrigued by the ways in which he dispatched his enemies.

Ruth K – I enjoyed your novel very much and no doubt, I will be looking for Loki’s Trojan to come out.

Amy Lynn C – I just finished reading Shiva’s Messenger and I loved it!!!  I read it in one day and the only time I could put it down was to make supper.  It has a great ending!!!  It actually caught me off guard.

Scott J – I was more than surprised with how quickly the story and its craftsmanship garnered my attention and captivated my interest.  An amazing piece of work and an exceptional read.

Brad H – I bought your book and I can’t put it down.  If this means anything, I basically never read.

Pamela H – Excellent plot….quite an interesting twist (or is it?) on the whole ‘Dallas’ event.  Marvelous characters….very well written. Looks like you’ve forced me into buying the next installment.


I write a lot.  I post plenty on my numerous blogs and often write for others to post elsewhere.  Writing for someone else really makes it fiction due to my often expressing opinions that aren’t mine.  I don’t let exclusive rights go so if it’s really good I post it here too and protect it for members, or partially protect it with a teaser open.  If you see something from here, anywhere else, I wrote it.  Even if someone else is listed as the author, it’s really mine.  However, much or even most of what’s here won’t be found anywhere else. Enjoy the site! Relish the fiction!


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