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Soul Centaur or Just a Spiritless Horse

Is Your Spirit a Centaur or Just a Horse? Have you always been led to believe that a soul was just something you have? It is yours, like your hair is yours and it depends if you’re having a good or a bad hair day whether you think having a soul is good or bad […]

Astral Projection Dating

Astral Projection Dating Egan wheeled his chair across the windy street: he hurt everywhere and even the biting wind seemed to chew on his broken body.  He had to stop in the crosswalk because a car hurtled by in the next lane: it sent small hurricanes of dust and bits of litter to sandblast Egan […]

Story of Intertwined Stories

It’s well after 2:00 am on a Saturday night. The Hayloft Nightclub is closing but the music still runs out like thick syrup whenever the double-doors open to eject the final revelers.  People are exchanging stories, laughing, arguing, searching for partners and making dating arrangements. In several groups, it appears that fights are about to […]

Mike and the Karma Knight

Karma Knight – Part One An unclothed young Asian girl is on her back with legs splayed apart. On top of her and between her knees is a middle aged Caucasian man. He grunts and wheezes as his hips pumps. The girl is quiet and her eyes are closed. “Mike Schmitt!” Shocked at the unexpected […]

Painter Got an Eyeful

The Painter Got an Eyeful My husband and I decided to a major interior renovation and painting done.  We contracted with a local painter to do the work.  My husband works during the day when the painter is usually working and of course, I’m at home too. I’m used to having the run of the […]

Sinister Sister in Law

Sinister relationship with my sister in law My younger brother recently returned home from military posting Germany, where he had met and married a woman from Croatia.  My new sister-in-law is a stunning Mediterranean beauty with chiseled cheekbones and raven black hair.  She is tall, amazingly well put together and lean.  Seriously, Jelena could be […]

Photo Finish With a Finnish Supermodel

Photo Finish With a Finnish Supermodel I travel for a living and that’s fortunate because live to travel too.  I work as a computer systems troubleshooter and it doesn’t matter what language people speak where I go to, computers all use the same languages.  But while I can communicate fluently with electronic devices, my linguistic […]

High Tech Caveman

I’m Living Happily in the Modern Stone Age There were a lot of reasons why I decide to go and live in a cave.  None of them took real precedence over the others.  Instead, it was as if everything came together all at once to make my moving into a cave the optimum lifestyle choice […]

Rent and ALL Utilities Included

Boarder With Benefits I relocated from Australia to the Midwest USA for better job prospects.  I found good work but still had bills to pay off and I had borrowed money just to come out here.  Getting my own apartment was financially out of the question so I searched to find a room and board […]

Supporting Tree Free Paper

Why Is Tree Free Paper So Important This article will also be published by a client so I’m protecting this post for members even though I would really like everyone to read it. This isn’t exactly a fiction story but I want to make a stand for something I strongly believe in and it does […]

Asks the Mugger – “Your money or your life?”

Asks the Mugger – “Your money or your life?” Answers I – “Take my life because what little money I have is not worth my death.” The thug is perplexed – “If your life isn’t worth your life, then give it to me.” “You asked for my choice and I’ve given it to you.  If […]

Astral Sex With a Gorgeous Ghost

Astrid Can Haunt My House Anytime. I’ve been working in a rural area lately and I did NOT expect any sex there either astral sex or otherwise. This was a super amazing experience and I need to tell you about it. My supernatural sex experience started with an old abandoned farmhouse that I kept noticing. […]

Apology Killed Any Chance of Respect

Apology Killed Any Chance of Respect My father beat me as a child.  It wasn’t just discipline either.  He took a leather belt to me just because he was angry at the world and at his life.  The physical abuse my dad dealt out to be was frequent and violent.  After a session of brutal […]

SEO Opinion on Google’s Pandas and Penguins

Opinion on SEO and Google Algorithm Updates Quite a few years ago I attended an SEO seminar and one guest speaker said something that has stayed with me.  He suggested that search engine algorithms were so intuitive that if a body of text were fed in with blanks for the key phrases that the Google […]

Philosophy of Canadian Mosquitoes

What Does a Canadian Mosquito Think? I was duck hunting in Northwestern Canada when two big Canadian mosquitoes zoomed down on me.  They were too fast for me to bring my 12 gauge shotgun to bear on them before they had each landed on one of my shoulders.  I was standing ankle deep in the […]

Houston Control – The Janitor Speaking

Houston – We are Losing Transmission “Houston Control – We are losing transmission.” “Uh,” a voice replies, “I can’t hear you very well.” “That’s because we have some transmission difficulties.” “Why don’t you call a tow truck?” “I’m talking about our voice transmission.” “Your transmission is voice activated? Do you just tell it to up […]

The Alpha Male’s Little Sister

The Alpha Male’s Little Sister Intentionally Flashed Me I’ve always had a strong feeling that the leader of our group’s kid sister had a major crush on me.  She’s really cute but over the years I’ve run with her older brother, she has been fast developing from cute into truly sexy hot.  And her crush […]

Star-Crossed Enemies

Star-crossed enemies turned lovers We often think we know what we like and what we want and then fate intervenes in some ways we could never have predicted.  I knew a girl in my high school, we’ll call her Susan, and we didn’t hit it off so well.  Actually, I tried hitting on her because […]

Librarian and The Tattooed Sailor

Spectacled Librarian and a Tattooed Sailor I really was a sailor in the navy and I’ve got some tattoos from around the world including the famous anchor on my forearm.  I’ve also got the traditional old superstitious one of ‘a pig on the knee for good luck at sea’.  I’ve got assorted others but I’ve […]

Insatiable Pregnant Neighbor

My Insatiable Pregnant Neighbor and I I have to say that I don’t know where this secret relationship will ultimately lead but it sure is fun right now.  The younger couple that live next door have been our neighbors for about two years now.  We’ve been casual friends for the whole time and had each […]

Stealing a Thong

Ill-Gotten Panty-Raid Booty Dares are sacred when you’re young and foolish.  The pressure of peers is enough to risk life, limb and even virginity for.  There were three of us guys and two girls of about the same age playing ‘truth or dare’ in a clearing in the woods close to my neighborhood and I […]

Confused Girl and Uncertain Gay

Confused Girl Hooked Up With an Uncertain Gay Guy. I have a weird situation and a strange problem that has my head really messed up right now.  Nothing in my fairly sheltered previous life could’ve prepared me to figure this out on my own and make a decision.  My tangled brain needs help with a […]

Bottled Up Secrets or Community of Secrets

Carefully Uncork Your Secrets in a Community of Secrets Good wine in a corked gets even better over time.  A dark secret bottled up with a cork deep in your psyche just festers and grows worse.  Unburdening your secrets into a safe community of secrets fosters healing to bring about your brighter future. Your inner […]

Manipulated into Depravity

Conned into Depravity by a Manipulative Older Woman I’m a resent graduate of art school and I don’t make much money.  In fact, I don’t even have a job in my chosen field yet and have to scrape by as a waiter.  But I love to draw so I often set up a couple of […]

Brides make the Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses of Stellar Brides   Perhaps I’m guilty of over-thinking sometimes but I started wondering if a bride’s choice of wedding dresses was to make a statement.  I know a bride will choose a wedding gown that flatters her figure but does the selection run to an even deeper rationale?  For instance, why will […]

Buying Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment

Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment Purchasing   When deciding on what outdoor playground equipment to buy, whether it is made of recycled plastic or not, there are several important points to consider.  These would be price and durability, eco-friendliness, whether the outdoor play apparatus is intrinsically safe to use and of course the fun factor should […]

Nine Facts About a Jamaica Villa

Nine Facts About a Jamaica Villa That Will Keep You Up At Night I suppose I could’ve also titled this article ‘nine facts about a Jamaica villa that will let you sleep like a dream’ because the luxurious accommodations at Ocho Rios Villas supply total comfort as well as amazing amenities. Perfect Jamaican Villa at […]

Florida Organic Produce

For Your Health Look For Organic Produce Or Even Just Fresh Produce  Try Florida Organic Produce Have you ever walked around back of your local grocery store and looked at the empty produce crates?  Let me tell you what you will find.  The produce box labels may read something like ‘Product of Chili’ and the […]

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