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Soul Centaur or Just a Spiritless Horse

Is Your Spirit a Centaur or Just a Horse? Have you always been led to believe that a soul was just something you have? It is yours, like your hair is yours and it depends if you’re having a good or a bad hair day whether you think having a soul is good or bad […]

Astral Projection Dating

Astral Projection Dating Egan wheeled his chair across the windy street: he hurt everywhere and even the biting wind seemed to chew on his broken body.  He had to stop in the crosswalk because a car hurtled by in the next lane: it sent small hurricanes of dust and bits of litter to sandblast Egan […]

Story of Intertwined Stories

It’s well after 2:00 am on a Saturday night. The Hayloft Nightclub is closing but the music still runs out like thick syrup whenever the double-doors open to eject the final revelers.  People are exchanging stories, laughing, arguing, searching for partners and making dating arrangements. In several groups, it appears that fights are about to […]

Apology Killed Any Chance of Respect

Apology Killed Any Chance of Respect My father beat me as a child.  It wasn’t just discipline either.  He took a leather belt to me just because he was angry at the world and at his life.  The physical abuse my dad dealt out to be was frequent and violent.  After a session of brutal […]

SEO Opinion on Google’s Pandas and Penguins

Opinion on SEO and Google Algorithm Updates Quite a few years ago I attended an SEO seminar and one guest speaker said something that has stayed with me.  He suggested that search engine algorithms were so intuitive that if a body of text were fed in with blanks for the key phrases that the Google […]

Philosophy of Canadian Mosquitoes

What Does a Canadian Mosquito Think? I was duck hunting in Northwestern Canada when two big Canadian mosquitoes zoomed down on me.  They were too fast for me to bring my 12 gauge shotgun to bear on them before they had each landed on one of my shoulders.  I was standing ankle deep in the […]

Brides make the Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses of Stellar Brides   Perhaps I’m guilty of over-thinking sometimes but I started wondering if a bride’s choice of wedding dresses was to make a statement.  I know a bride will choose a wedding gown that flatters her figure but does the selection run to an even deeper rationale?  For instance, why will […]

Buying Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment

Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment Purchasing   When deciding on what outdoor playground equipment to buy, whether it is made of recycled plastic or not, there are several important points to consider.  These would be price and durability, eco-friendliness, whether the outdoor play apparatus is intrinsically safe to use and of course the fun factor should […]

Nine Facts About a Jamaica Villa

Nine Facts About a Jamaica Villa That Will Keep You Up At Night I suppose I could’ve also titled this article ‘nine facts about a Jamaica villa that will let you sleep like a dream’ because the luxurious accommodations at Ocho Rios Villas supply total comfort as well as amazing amenities. Perfect Jamaican Villa at […]

Florida Organic Produce

For Your Health Look For Organic Produce Or Even Just Fresh Produce  Try Florida Organic Produce Have you ever walked around back of your local grocery store and looked at the empty produce crates?  Let me tell you what you will find.  The produce box labels may read something like ‘Product of Chili’ and the […]

Get Organic Produce or Produce Your Own Organically

Is it Chicken or Seagull I spend much of my time in rural Asia.  One really doesn’t have to look too far to find organic produce or other organic products here.  Then I visited Florida and I really learned what I was missing – or rather what I wasn’t missing at all. Florida Organic Produce […]

Taxi Ride with a Witch

  Set a Spell and I’ll tell you about a Witch. I had a witch in my car yesterday. No, this wasn’t just a girl trying out her Halloween costume early. This woman was an actual witch. It’s funny what topics one can get into while in a taxi. We has sat for a spell […]

The Akashic Trial of a Pope

This IS Fiction, or at least it’s the product of my imagination. It doesn’t matter which Pope, nor even when. Like lawyers, Popes haven’t changed basic ideology, or undergone a fashion change, in hundreds of years. The Akashic Trial of a Pope Short Story by Russell Twyce It came to pass that a Pope and […]

Deliberately Seduced My Cousin’s Fiancé

Seduced Cousin’s Fiancé My cousin is a really sweet girl of 17 and she is 5 years younger than me.  Her older brother’s friend is a 25-year-old guy and she developed a serious crush on him.  He realized her infatuation and he’s has been leading her on with it.  He even asked her to marry […]

Dire Deed in a Diamond Fog

It is a minus 40-degree morning and it doesn’t really matter if you prefer the Celsius or the Fahrenheit scale, it is just extremely damned cold. Wind-chill is not a factor: the air molecules have huddled together and nature doesn’t possess a bulldozer big enough to move the contracted mass. It seems like the earth […]

Eternal Youth from a Philosopher Stone

A Government Pension at Twenty Five Short Fiction by Russell Twyce “According to this file,” a government bureaucrat set a reverent palm flat on the open folder, “you’ve been collecting old-age security checks for the past five years.  Yet you are obviously a man in your early 20’s.” “Chronologically,” the young man dug out his […]

The Akashic Trial of a Pope

This IS Fiction, or at least it’s the product of my imagination. It doesn’t matter which Pope, nor even when.  Like lawyers, Popes haven’t changed basic ideology, or undergone a fashion change, in hundreds of years. The Akashic Trial of a Pope It came to pass that a Pope and a pauper died at the […]

Turkey and Wheat Flour

Eat Wheat Flour and Turkey to be Obese When I was a kid, I made a papier-mâché turkey out of wheat flour.  I didn’t actually eat it: it was used as a fiesta piñata, so looking back I suppose it was the healthiest meal I’ve ever prepared with either turkey or with wheat flour.  Papier-mâché […]

Law is a Lion

Law is a lion A psychopath had positioned himself at booth selling briefcases. He had bought a few dozen cases and then had a couple of posters made up, that suggested he was as a legal needs marketer. Using a fictional company name and the logo ‘Law is a lion’, the killer had rented a […]

Eat Your Words

Words You May Eat Be cautious of the words you say, make sure they’re soft and sweet. You never know from day to day, which words you’ll have to eat. “You suppose you have the right to say what you want when and how you like,” the judge yelled and he waved his gavel around […]

What is Karma

Karma is the Monetary System of the Afterlife In Sept of 2004, I drowned in a SCUBA diving accident and was dead for eight minutes. During those 8 wonderful minutes, everything that I thought I knew about life and afterlife was proven out differently than I had previously believed. My life since then has been […]

Unpopular People at High School Reunion

A Pair of Unpopular People at Our High School Reunion I didn’t remember Heather from my high school years.  Why would I vividly recall a shy skinny girl with mousy hair and braces?  I do remember Melissa from the time when she was a cheerleader.  She went on to marry the Football team’s quarterback but […]

The Dreamwalking Seduction Ploy

DreamWalking Seduction You may find yourself skeptical and that’s fine but I assure you that this dream walking seduction tactic works perfectly. I’m sure it is also different from any you’ve seen or tried before too. I’ll begin by saying that astral travel is real and that I’ve been regularly exploring the ethereal realm for […]

Alien on trial for sedition and you’re the jury.

Alien on trial for sedition “My words and actions in this courthouse,” a man acting as his own defense council said to the jury in his opening statement on the charge of sedition, “will be what they are. You’ll view what I say as sedition if you will. But to me, this trial is an […]

Taming The Bully – From Nicholas Flamel’s Humanity Series

  Back in the present moment, the politician is describing the one event that has brought this medal presentation. The policeman had disobeyed his orders and accepted procedure. Instead of just establishing a secure perimeter, he had gone into the crime scene while the senseless mass killings were in progress and stopped the killing. The […]

Russell Twyce for Fiction and Reality Like Fiction

You will find plenty of interesting and completely unique fiction here. There are anecdotes, short stories, stories like diary pages and even novels for members to read in full. Many of the stories are actually true but they are written and presented as fiction. You can you mostly decide which is truth and what is […]

Operation Shiva – Shiva’s Messenger 1

Chapter 1 of Shiva’s Messenger Operation Shiva From an elevated vantage point behind a slatted wooden fence, Jeff Thomas looked over the moderate-sized throng assembled to watch the motorcade pass.  A few hands held small flags poised.  Casual faces turned his way occasionally but none obtrusively watched him.  Jeff scanned above to an unseasonable bright […]

What is Porn in a Story?

What is Porn in a Story? I’ve been working on a new story and I recently read a portion of it to someone. “That is porn!” This unofficial reviewer said but I don’t agree. I don’t write porn stories. Let me describe the story section more and I hope you’ll give me your opinion. The […]

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